Prevents Bacterial Infections.
 Eliminate sub- Clinical diseases.
 Better livability Improved    antibody titer

 Improves protective effects of    vaccinations.

 More Eggs in Layers Better Wt .    gain in broilers
 Eliminate Sub- Clinical    Diseases
 Re-establishes Beneficial flora    after Antibiotic Treatment
 Relieves Stress Conditions    Reduced early chick mortality
 Improve Growth and Feed    Conversion

 Improves basic immunity
 Better Livability
 Reduces Fat deposition.
Eliminates Bacterial Diseases

 Improves Immunity

 Improves Weight Gain
 Improves FCR
 Prevents Bacterial Diseases.
 Relieves Stress Conditions
 Improves Immunity.

 Improves Antibody Titers.

 Better absorption of nutrients.
 Improves Feed Efficiency
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